Facilities Management

Ensuring your buildings are open for business is our business too. We look after all aspects of facilities management and have the experience and the systems to ensure your buildings operate effectively.

  • We manage your reactive and programmed maintenance needs
  • We provide a ‘help desk’ to manage your on-site work requests
  • We provide you with an accurate forecast of your plant and building life-cycle costs
  • We ensure the maintenance and long-term viability of your buildings
  • We can provide Contractor and Project Management
  • We can offer knowledgeable technical advice.

Project Management

ARGEST delivers your projects. From single-site works to multi-site commissions, we manage all stages of the project leaving you to get on with business:

  • technical reviews and independent advice
  • contract tenders
  • contractor management
  • completion review and audit.

Contractor Management

Our clients agree that real value for building owners is achieved by employing an independent contract manager. Our job is to ensure that contractors provide the value, service and performance you require.

  • We can use your contractors or provide them through a competitive tender
  • We provide independent management
  • We conduct regular audits and site inspections to ensure standards are maintained
  • We propose practical solutions that meet the needs of the client and the concerns of the contractor.

Technical Advice

If you need advice on technical matters give us a call. We are independent, knowledgeable and helpful. Through our parent company Stephenson&Turner we also offer professional engineering and architectural services.

  • technical advice on building and compliance matters
  • plant, building and equipment audits
  • reviews and consultancy services
  • professional engineering and architectural services.