Sprinkler Surveys and Commissioning Inspections

Argest Fire is excited to welcome Shane Grant to our growing team in Wellington as a Fire Technical Inspector. Argest Fire has accredited IANZ inspectors able to carry out biennial sprinkler surveys, and inspections for installation and commissioning new sprinkler and fire alarm systems.


Fire sprinkler systems play a crucial role to ensure the safety and protection of occupants and users of buildings in the event of a fire. It is essential your sprinklers are tested to confirm they are working correctly and any issues or defects are resolved before a fire. Inspections and surveys are required by law under the Building Act 2004, related regulations and standards.

If you have a sprinkler system, or are installing a new sprinkler or alarm system, Argest can work with your installer to carry out the surveys needed to comply with your legal obligations. Argest is committed to giving you peace of mind that your building will have fire protection when you need it most.


Key Services we can provide for you are:

  • Biennial Sprinkler Surveys (NZS4515 & NZS4541)
  • Commissioning Inspections for new sprinklers (NZS4515 & NZS4541)
  • Commissioning Inspection for fire alarm systems (NZS4512)
  • Testing of hydrants and risers
  • Testing of sprinkler backflow protection
  • Water pressure measurement and logging
  • Water flow testing

All our inspections are undertaken using the latest tools and web based recording and reporting systems.


Contact Argest now to discuss your specific biennial or new sprinkler inspection requirements to see how our services can provide you with the assurance you need for this important aspect of fire protection.


Phone 0800 ARGEST and ask for Argest Fire or email: fire@argest.com