Fire Alarm System Upgrades

Fire alarm systems are becoming more sophisticated, with an ever-growing number of different options available to building and business owners. Assessment of the suitability of fire alarm systems increasingly needs specialised knowledge and a growing reliance on your existing fire company.

If you are experiencing fire alarm issues and costly repairs, have an aging alarm system, or a new addition or alteration to your building needing integration into your alarm system, it can be hard to know what is the best and most cost-effective solution. The selection of the wrong fire alarm system can result in significant ongoing costs and compliance issues – problems you and the occupants of your building do not need!

Are you needing the answers to any of these commonly asked questions before you invest in a new fire alarm system?

  • Do you feel you are being forced into expensive or unnecessary upgrades?
  • Do you need sound independent advice?
  • Are you concerned with future proofing?
  • What system is the correct choice for your needs?
  • Do you want the minimum to meet code requirements, or go that bit further to protect your investment?
  • Do you have something unusual that needs specialist protection?
  • What impact could a fire have on your business?
  • How do I prevent false alarms?

Argest understands your situation and can provide independent advice that will ensure you are able to ensure your building or site is covered by a fire alarm system best suited to your needs.  As Argest is not a Fire Alarm product supplier or installer, you can be assured of our independence as we help you manage your fire alarm upgrade.

We provide this service for fire alarm upgrades across New Zealand, saving time and money for building owners and property managers.

Our fire alarm upgrade management service will provide you with:

  1. Assessment of requirements, site visit  and initial conceptual design, including a basic Fire Report demonstrating the compliance of the new fire alarm system with the appropriate standards, regulations and health and safety obligations
  2. New fire alarm specification and building consent application required for fire alarm upgrade
  3. Preparation of tender documentation for your approval and issue of the approved tender and the coordination and management of supplier pre-tender visits
  4. Tender reviews and recommendations based on your requirements and procurement processes and awarding to approved supplier including contract finalisation to your agreed terms
  5. Construction and installation management and facilitation and attendance of progress meetings with the supplier and you
  6. Health and safety monitoring for alarm upgrade projects
  7. Inspection on completion of installation and follow-up on and defects and formal handover and confirmation of documentation needed for compliance records

If you are contemplating or planning a fire alarm system upgrade or extension and need help answering these key questions:

  • What system is the best choice for me and my business?
  • Do I have something that needs specialist protection?
  • Do I feel forced into making expensive or unnecessary upgrades?

If any of these questions are relevant to you, then contact Argest now. We would be happy to discuss your specific project to see how our service can provide the benefits and assurance you need for this important area of your building or site’s fire protection.

Phone 0800 ARGEST and ask for Fire Alarm Upgrade assistance or email Gvanderkrogt@argest.com.